Combined Force Captures Haqqani Network Leader

WASHINGTON, Nov. 4, 2011 – A combined Afghan and coalition security force captured a Haqqani network leader and detained�a suspected insurgent during an operation in the Zarghun Shahr district of Afghanistan’s Paktika province yesterday, military officials reported.

The Haqqani leader operated a fighter cell in the Zarghun Shahr district, officials said. He also directed attacks against Afghan forces in western Paktika province.

The security force seized two assault rifles during the operation.

In Afghanistan operations yesterday:

— In the Nawah-ye Barakzai district of Helmand province, a combined force detained multiple suspects while searching for a Taliban leader. The insurgent leader operates a roadside-bomb and fighter cell and distributes equipment and weapons for attacks across the region.

— A combined force seized a weapons cache containing six 82 mm mortars in the Tarin Kot district of Uruzgan province.

— A coalition force called in close air support to prevent two insurgents from planting a roadside bomb in the Kajaki district of Helmand province. The airstrike destroyed the bomb and damaged a nearby building. No civilians were harmed during the operation.

— A combined force captured a senior Haqqani official and detained two other individuals in the Qarghahi district of Laghman province. The official worked with the Haqqani network and al-Qaida and supported insurgent activity in Kabul province.

— In the Mohmand Darah district of Nangarhar province, a coalition force seized 300 gallons of ammonium nitrate — a substance that can be used to make explosives — in an abandoned semi-trailer near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

— A combined force discovered a weapons cache containing 11 82mm mortars, two 40 mm grenades, a 30 mm grenade, and 60 rocket engines in the Bala Boluk district of Farah province.

Meanwhile, Afghan and combined forces killed six insurgents and detained 14 suspects during operations in eastern Afghanistan:

— Combined forces killed three insurgents in the Watahpur district of Kunar province.

— Coalition forces killed three insurgents in the Nike district of Paktika province.

— Combined forces detained three suspects in the Alingar district of Laghman province.

— Afghan soldiers detained a suspect in the Andar district of Ghazni province.

— Coalition forces detained two suspects in the Chak district of Wardak province.

— Afghan police detained three suspects in the Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province.

— Combined forces detained three suspects in the Qarghaee district of Laghman province.

— Afghan police detained two suspects in the Andar district of Ghazni province

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases