CASSIDIAN’s new SPEXER™ 1500 radar offers unprecedented level of situational awareness

  • Enhanced sur­veil­lance of large crit­i­cal infra­struc­tures, mil­i­tary camps and bor­der areas
  • Part of the SPEXER™ secu­ri­ty radar prod­uct family 

Cassidian’s new SPEXER 1500 radar opens up com­plete­ly new oppor­tu­ni­ties for the mobile pro­tec­tion of bor­der regions and sen­si­tive indus­tri­al or mil­i­tary instal­la­tions.
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12 June 2012 – Cas­sid­i­an, the defence and secu­ri­ty divi­sion of EADS, intro­duces a new secu­ri­ty radar into the mar­ket which opens up com­plete­ly new oppor­tu­ni­ties for the mobile pro­tec­tion of bor­der regions and sen­si­tive indus­tri­al or mil­i­tary instal­la­tions. As part of Cassidian’s SPEXER secu­ri­ty radar fam­i­ly, the new SPEXER 1500 has been launched dur­ing the Eurosato­ry exhi­bi­tion in Paris. 

Dr. Elmar Com­pans, Head of Cassidian’s Sen­sors & Elec­tron­ic War­fare, said: “SPEXER 1500 is the world­wide first secu­ri­ty radar using the lat­est radar tech­nol­o­gy of Active Elec­tron­i­cal­ly Scan­ning Array (AESA), which pro­vides a mul­ti-task­ing and mul­ti-mode capa­bil­i­ty and increas­es the detec­tion and tar­get assess­ment capa­bil­i­ty sub­stan­tial­ly. Due to its dual beam capa­bil­i­ty, it can replace sev­er­al con­ven­tion­al radars.” In addi­tion, the radar is com­pact all-in-one and portable because of its low weight and low size and can also be installed tem­porar­i­ly or in mobile configurations. 

SPEXER 1500 is opti­mized for the sur­veil­lance of bor­der areas and crit­i­cal infra­struc­tures such as oil fields and mil­i­tary camps. With an instru­ment­ed range of 40 km, its high doppler and veloc­i­ty res­o­lu­tion as well as its high clut­ter sup­pres­sion, it is able to detect, track and clas­si­fy even very small and slow­ly mov­ing objects such as pedes­tri­ans, but also fast objects such as speed boats in the sea or low-fly­ing objects such as Unmanned Aer­i­al Vehi­cles. In addi­tion, a cam­era mount­ed on top of the radar can be cued to the radar in order to iden­ti­fy sus­pi­cious objects. This ensures a supe­ri­or sur­veil­lance per­for­mance and a high lev­el of sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness pro­vid­ing secu­ri­ty forces with addi­tion­al reac­tion time towards illic­it intrusions. 

The SPEXER 1500 is part of the SPEXER secu­ri­ty radar fam­i­ly which con­sists of sev­er­al radars, each opti­mized for spe­cif­ic appli­ca­tions includ­ing bor­der, infra­struc­ture, perime­ter and coastal sur­veil­lance. A spe­cif­ic ver­sion for wide-area and long dis­tance bor­der sur­veil­lance, SPEXER™ 2000, is under pro­duc­tion for a huge bor­der sur­veil­lance sys­tem in the Mid­dle East. A mil­i­tary ver­sion has been devel­oped for the Ger­man Army while a deriv­a­tive for coastal sur­veil­lance, Spex­er 2000 Coastal, is ready to be deployed. 

Cas­sid­i­an, an EADS com­pa­ny, is a world­wide leader in glob­al secu­ri­ty solu­tions and sys­tems, pro­vid­ing Lead Sys­tems Inte­gra­tion and val­ue-added prod­ucts and ser­vices to civ­il and mil­i­tary cus­tomers around the globe: air sys­tems (air­craft and unmanned aer­i­al sys­tems), land, naval and joint sys­tems, intel­li­gence and sur­veil­lance, cyber secu­ri­ty, secure com­mu­ni­ca­tions, test sys­tems, mis­siles, ser­vices and sup­port solu­tions. In 2011, Cas­sid­i­an – with around 28,000 employ­ees – achieved rev­enues of € 5.8 bil­lion. EADS is a glob­al leader in aero­space, defence and relat­ed ser­vices. In 2011, the Group – com­pris­ing Air­bus, Astri­um, Cas­sid­i­an and Euro­copter – gen­er­at­ed rev­enues of € 49.1 bil­lion and employed a work­force of more than 133,000.

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