Canadian Expo Showcases Non-Lethal Weapons

OTTAWA, Nov. 17, 2011 – More than 25 nations were represented here at the recent 2011 North American Technology Demonstration.

Attendees viewed some of the world’s latest non-lethal weapons systems provided from 100 international industries.

The need for weapons that don’t kill is becoming more apparent as military missions become more diversified, said Lt. Gen. Richard Tryon, the Marine Corps‘ deputy commandant for plans, policies and operations.

Military operations over the past decade, he noted, have ranged from humanitarian and disaster relief efforts to counterinsurgency and antiterrorism missions.

During such operations, Tryon said, the „bad guys“ are often intermixed within civilian populations — a situation which complicates efforts to determine friend from foe.

In urban environments especially, he said, non-lethal weapons „must be versatile and adaptable in their application.“

Attendees were able to observe the Active Denial System being tested by the Defense Department.

Use of this system „allows us to find out who means harm and who is not a threat without having to start firing bullets,“ said Air Force Lt. John Thurman, the ADS’s deputy program manager.

„So it gives us that sort of capability to see who is dangerous, and who isn’t,“ he concluded.

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)