Belgium joins NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps

Mon­day, 16 April, marked the for­mal incor­po­ra­tion of Bel­gium into Head­quar­ters Allied Rapid Reac­tion Corps (HQ ARRC), at Imjin Bar­racks, Glouces­ter.

The flag of Bel­gium about to be for­mal­ly raised at Imjin Bar­racks. ©UK MOD Crown Copy­right (2012) Open Gov­ern­ment Licence.
Source: NATO
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The arrival of Lieu­tenant Colonel Geert Marien means that HQ ARRC is now made up of mil­i­tary staff from across 16 dif­fer­ent NATO coun­tries.

Bel­gium joins Cana­da, the Czech repub­lic, Den­mark, France, Ger­many, Greece, Italy, the Nether­lands, Nor­way, Poland, Por­tu­gal, Spain, Turkey, the Unit­ed King­dom and the Unit­ed States.

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