Australien – New national delegates for Defence Families of Australia

The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Minister for Defence Personnel, Alan Griffin, last night congratulated the new national delegates of Defence Families of Australia.
The six new national delegates are:

Annaliese McCammon – National Policy Officer;
Amita Tandukar – National Communications Officer;
Keron Wise – National Delegate for the Australian Capital Territory and SouthernNew South Wales;
Dannii Khan – National Delegate for North Queensland
Jillian Macey – National Delegate for South Queensland; and
Marion Donohue – National Delegate for the Northern Territory and Kimberley.

Mr Griffin presented the certificates of appointment at the Defence Families of Australia National Conference dinner at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Mr Griffin congratulated the delegates on their appointment and acknowledged the important role the volunteers of Defence Families of Australia play in representing the views of Defence families.

“The Government greatly values the views and contributions of Defence Families of Australia members. Their input is heard and their opinions are valued,” Mr Griffin said.

“Through Defence Families of Australia, Defence gets a clear picture of the issues affecting the families of our serving personnel and possible options for resolving these issues.

“Consultative groups such as Defence Families of Australia are essential in ensuring Defence has a broad range of information available when making policy decisions.

“The nature of work undertaken by Australian Defence Force personnel can present challenges to both the serving member and their family and it is important that Defence works to provide the necessary support and assistance to members and their families,” Mr Griffin said.

The dinner marked the end of a week-long national conference, during which Defence Families of Australia delegates met with Defence representatives to share information about matters affecting families.

In August, Defence Families of Australia will release a comprehensive policy paper outlining the key issues discussed and recommendations for new initiatives to be implemented in the coming year. The paper will be released on the Defence Families of Australia website.

Defence Families of Australia is an independent, volunteer-based organisation formed in 1986 to officially represent the views of Australian Defence Force families to the Government and Defence’s senior leadership group.

For more information about Defence Families of Australia, visit:

Media Contacts: Sasha Nimmo (Alan Griffin): 0437 863 109 Julie Blackburn (Defence Families of Australia): 0410 626 103 Defence Media Liaison: 02 6127 1999 or 0408 498 664

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