Australien — Government reforms to naval ship repair sector

The Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment has today announced sig­nif­i­cant reforms to the naval ship repair sec­tor, announc­ing those indus­try enti­ties that will be invit­ed to ten­der for long-term con­tracts for the repair & main­te­nance of Navy’s major fleet units.

Greg Com­bet, Min­is­ter for Defence Materiel and Sci­ence, said this ini­tia­tive will pro­vide indus­try and Navy with greater cer­tain­ty and sta­bil­i­ty in the repair and main­te­nance of the Navy’s major fleet units through the use of long-term, per­for­mance-based con­tracts.

“These reforms will pro­vide busi­ness with greater cer­tain­ty, work­ers in the indus­try with greater job secu­ri­ty and will play a key role in the deliv­ery and sup­port of naval capa­bil­i­ty,” Mr Com­bet said.

The indus­try enti­ties that will be invit­ed to par­tic­i­pate in the respec­tive Request for Ten­der process­es are:

* For the group com­pris­ing HMA Ships Suc­cess, Manoo­ra, Kan­im­bla and Tobruk: ASP Ship Man­age­ment, BAE Sys­tems, KBR/Rolls Royce, Babcock/UGL Infra­struc­ture, Forgacs/Teekay, Thales, and DMS Maritime/Transfield;

* For the group com­pris­ing the four Ade­laide Class frigates: BAE Sys­tems, KBR/Rolls Royce, Thales, and DMS Maritime/Transfield;

* For the group com­pris­ing the eight ANZAC Class frigates: BAE Sys­tems, Babcock/UGL Infra­struc­ture, Thales, and DMS Maritime/Transfield.”

Mr Com­bet con­grat­u­lat­ed the suc­cess­ful enti­ties, adding that this ini­tia­tive offers the oppor­tu­ni­ty to fur­ther trans­form Australia’s naval ship repair sec­tor.

“It will pro­vide Indus­try with greater cer­tain­ty of work effort, there­by pro­vid­ing incen­tive to devel­op the work­force and invest in nec­es­sary infra­struc­ture.

“In so doing, Defence will realise low­er costs in the repair and main­te­nance of its major fleet units,” Mr Com­bet said.

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