Australia – Successful mission for recon patrol in East Timor

The International Stabilisation Force (ISF) has begun preparations for EXERCISE CROCODILE 2011 (also known as Marine Exercise or MAREX) by identifying possible locations to hold military training.

During August, members of ANZAC Company’s reconnaissance platoon are engaging members of communities to seek support for future land use.

Reconnaissance platoon’s Lance Corporal Chris Cooke, who is normally based at Brisbane’s Enogerra barracks, said the mission was focused on the South Coast of East Timor.

“We’ve spoken to community members and their leaders, which are called Xefe de Sucos, to determine their thoughts on us using their land next year. We have so far received only positive feedback,” he said.

EXERCISE CROCODILE is a multi national, annual exercise hosted by East Timor comprising the East Timorese Defence force (F-FDTL), the US Marine Corps and the ISF personnel to promote cooperation.

The soldiers from reconnaissance platoon have already plotted potential land locations, and undertaken key leadership engagement tasks in various districts to help limit any impact the training may have on those living close by.

Commander of the ISF, Colonel Simon Stuart, said it is important to continue building the relationship with the F-FDTL and the people they serve.

“A key role of the ISF is working in support of the Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) to provide mentoring and support to the F-FDTL in military skills, communications, planning, engineering and construction.”

“Following the success of this year’s CROCODILE EXERCISE in June, it is important the momentum generated in training and development is carried on into the future,” he said.

CROCODILE 2011, which will span one week, is currently planned for September or October next year.

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