Australia – Chief of Navy calls fleet wide meeting to discuss HMAS Success Inquiry

Navy members from all over Australia have workshopped today to discuss the outcomes of the recent inquiry into unacceptable behaviour on board HMAS Success.
“Leadership Day” gatherings were coordinated by the commanding officers of all Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ships and establishments. Members were provided a 15 minute video in which Vice Admiral Russ Crane outlined the findings and gave direction on how Navy’s culture must change to ensure such behaviour is not repeated.

“This report cuts to the heart of who we are as individuals as well as what we stand for as an organisation,” Vice Admiral Crane said. “All of us must bear some of the responsibility to fix this.”

The misuse and abuse of alcohol is a common element throughout the report. Vice Admiral Crane says Navy is not immune from the alcohol problems which confront this nation especially when it comes to binge drinking but we must hold ourselves to higher account.

“I am deeply committed to the development of a new Australian Defence Force (ADF) Alcohol Management Strategy and you will see more work in this area very shortly,” Vice Admiral Crane said. The Chief of Navy warned he was looking at breath testing 100 percent of Navy members as well as banning alcohol consumption in some ports if the situation did not improve across the fleet.

Vice Admiral Crane also urged members to improve leadership through the New Generation Navy cultural change program, which promotes a series of positive behaviours to underpin Navy values of honour, honesty, courage integrity and loyalty.

The video was followed by a workshop run by Commanding Officers with a focus on leadership, cultural change and alcohol management.

“Think of things you’ve seen that you know to be wrong but have not acted to correct,” Vice Admiral Crane said. “Talk about the courage it’s going to require to step up and make a difference. “

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