Australia – 2010 Election voting underway for deployed Defence personnel

Voting in the 2010 federal election for Australian Defence personnel currently deployed on overseas missions has already begun in key locations such as the Middle East Area of Operations and East Timor.

ADF members trained and authorised as Assistant Returning Officers by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will operate polling booths in deployed locations.

For those personnel unable to reach a deployed polling booth, voting at an Australian Embassy or applying for a Postal Voting is also available.

Chief of Joint Operations Lieutenant General Evans said the ADF would make it possible for ADF personnel to cast their vote in the 2010 federal election.

„It is important that all Defence personnel, including those on overseas deployment, are given an equal opportunity to cast their vote,“ Lieutenant General Evans said. „Defence works closely with the AEC to ensure voting is conducted in accordance with correct electoral procedures.“

At the conclusion of the voting period, ballot boxes along with postal votes, will be escorted back to Australia and returned to the AEC.

Press release
Ministerial Support and Public Affairs,
Department of Defence,
Canberra, Australia

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