Afghanistan/ISAF – Insurgent Attacks Target Elder, School, Security Providers

KABUL, Afghanistan – Several recent attacks indicate insurgent actions are targeting Afghan civilians.

In the Marjah district of Helmand province Monday, initial reporting indicates an elder was shot and killed because he was planning to attend a shura with international forces later that day.

Also in the Deh Rawud district of Uruzgan province Monday, two explosions at a school site killed two construction workers and injured five civilians. The injured were evacuated to ISAF medical facilities where they were provided medical care.

Last Sunday, seven Afghan security contractors were reported kidnapped and executed by insurgents in Andar district, Ghazni province. An ISAF unit assisted the Afghan security forces in recovering the bodies so they could be returned to their families.

„These acts, individually and collective exemplify the insurgents‘ desire to try to intimidate the Afghan people and hinder progress,“ said Navy Capt. Jane Campbell, ISAF Joint Command spokesperson. „We will continue to partner with our Afghan National Security Force counterparts to bring security and development for all Afghans.“

According to a recent United Nations report, innocent Afghan civilians are all too often the victims of insurgent violence.

Press release
Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases