Afghanistan – Three tons of munitions seized with participation of local population

During two successive night operations from 4-6 August 2010, troops from the Battlegroup „Bison“ seized three tons of munitions, amounting to one ton of explosives, in the south of the Uzbeen valley. This is the largest seizure this year.

Weapons cache found in Uzbeen valley.
Weapons cache found in Uzbeen valley.
Source: NATO
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Although French troops are currently alerted by Afghans to recover munitions or weapons from arms caches or to defuse IEDs on the roads, this seizure is particularly noteworthy due to the quantity of munitions recovered. Nearly three tons of munitions and explosive materials, 107 mm “Chicome“ rockets and different types of shells (60mm, 82mm, anti-tank 82 and 75 mm) were brought back by French soldiers from the Tora Forward Operating Base. These munitions, in perfect condition, some in original packaging, were buried in a difficult to access area.

This important operation is the result of regular cooperation between the French military, the Afghan security forces and especially of a close relationship with the population. The detachment, consisting of an infantry platoon, a combat engineer group, an EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) team and a medical team had set up a security operation prior to achieving this remarkable seizure.

Munitions were transported to the base of Tora where they will be destroyed in the coming days.

This discovery follows the one on April 16, 2010 in the Valley Jagdalay. It shows a close relationship with the population that once again has borne fruit and also reflects the daily work of French soldiers who have been in this district for two years.

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