Afghanistan – Rocket Attack on Australian Forces at Tarin Kowt

The coalition military base at Tarin Kowt came under insurgent rocket attack in the early hours of Thursday the 6th of May.

Three rockets were fired at the base shortly after midnight with no significant damage. There were no Australian casualties as a result of the attack.

A non-Australian civilian contractor suffered a wound to the foot.

Deputy Commander of Australian Forces in the Middle East, Commodore Roger Boyce, said Coalition and Australian Forces in Tarin Kowt receive occasional indirect rocket fire from insurgents, with this the second rocket attack in the last two weeks.

“There was no significant damage from yesterday’s rocket attack and it will have no effect on the continuity of Australian and Coalition operations in Oruzgan,” Commodore Boyce said.

“Specific details regarding the incident will not be released as this would provide insurgents with information to assist them in future attacks and jeopardise the lives of Australian Forces in Afghanistan.”

The ADF incorporates a range of procedures that reinforce the multiple layers of physical protection available to our deployed forces in order to combat the threat of rocket attacks.

Media Note: For more information on the Australian Defence Force’s operations in Afghanistan go to: http://www.defence/gov/au/op/afghanistan/index.htm.

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