Afghanistan – Officials Confirm Death of Taliban Leader

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, 2010 – Officials from NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan today confirmed the death of a Taliban leader killed in a gun battle with Afghan and coalition forces Nov. 28 in Paktiya province, military officials reported.
Eisa Gul, a Taliban bombing cell leader, was among several other insurgents killed during an Afghan and coalition force operation in the Zurmat district. The joint force searched several compounds for Gul, and eventually received fire from him and his men, officials reported.

ISAF also confirmed today that a Taliban weapons facilitator was detained by Afghan and coalition forces during a Nov. 27 operation in Paktika province, military officials reported.

Afghan and coalition forces were searching for the individual in the Sharan district, following tips from local residents. The combined force confirmed the individual’s location and called for occupants to peacefully exit the compound. The individual and an associate surrendered and were taken into custody for questioning, officials reported. ISAF Joint Command officials also provided details on other recent operations.

In operations yesterday:

— Afghan and coalition forces killed numerous armed insurgents in Kunar province’s Ghaziabad district. The combined force was patrolling the area when they came under attack. Troops returned fire and also called for artillery and close-air support. Initial reports indicate that no civilians were injured and at least 20 insurgents were killed.

— In Helmand province’s Nahr-E Saraj district, Afghan and coalition forces killed one insurgent and detained numerous others. The joint patrol targeted a Taliban leader ISAF believes constructs, facilitates and plants roadside bombs. Multiple intelligence sources and tips from local residents led the combined force to the individual’s compound. Bomb-making materials and detonators were found and destroyed at the scene, officials said.

— Afghan and coalition forces in Paktiya province’s Zurmat district captured a Taliban leader and several other suspected insurgents. The Taliban leader reportedly leads a 15-member cell that regularly launches attacks on Afghan and coalition forces and emplaces roadside bombs along public roads. The individuals surrendered without incident, officials said.

— In Khost province’s Terayzai district, Afghan and coalition forces targeted a Haqqani network facilitator and other suspected insurgents. Security forces wounded one insurgent during an initial engagement, but the remaining suspects surrendered. Twenty-two Haqqani leaders have been captured or killed this month.

— In Helmand province’s Nawah-ye Barakzai district, Afghan and coalition forces captured a known kidnapper and bomb facilitator. The security force also detained several other suspected insurgents without conflict.

Security forces used intelligence leads to capture more than 50 Taliban leaders throughout Afghanistan this month. More than 92 percent of the operations were conducted without shots fired.

— Afghan and coalition forces found and destroyed two weapons caches — one in Kunduz province and the other in Logar province. Security forces found 10 artillery rounds, one machinegun, one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, one anti-tank mine and numerous amounts of bomb-making materials.

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

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