Afghanistan – New Afghan Facilities Improve Counter-Insurgency Efforts

The Afghan National Police are actively engaged in fighting the counterinsurgency, to aid in this effort Afghans and coalition forces are rapidly building ANP facilities throughout the Kandahar Province.

Surosahan Afghan Border Police compound
An Afghan construction worker runs electrical wires at the Surosahan Afghan Border Police compound. The compound is one of eight locations that will provide a secure place for the border police to live while serving along Afghanistan’s border.
Source: ISAF
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The area’s Afghan Border Police will soon have safe places they can call home after working along the Pakistani border. The compounds will contain living quarters, administrative offices, dining facilities, laundry facilities, warehouses and ammunition storage areas completely surrounded by security walls interspersed with guard towers. They will also be completely self-sufficient with power plants, water wells and sewage systems.

“This will give them the basic tools they need so that ultimately they can conduct the mission on their own,” said Oscar Lopez, a construction representative with the Kandahar Vicinity Resident Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineering District – South.

USACE-AES engineers, along with NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan, Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan, Combined-Joint Engineers, designed the project and are providing project oversight for the ABP compounds.

The southern region Afghan Uniform Police, police providing security for Afghans citizens living in cities throughout Kandahar, will also have new buildings throughout the districts.

Unfortunately, the construction workers are coming across some challenges such as the threat of working in hostile environments like improvised explosive devices and receiving personal threats upon their lives. One of these threats included demanding employees leave the construction site by 4p.m. or they and their families would be harmed. This not only affected the employees but also their work productivity. The threats also exist to the local populace near the surrounding towns where villagers are being killed. Some of these locations are not being built at this time because the areas are too dangerous for the construction contractor companies. Despite these threats, Afghans are continuing the construction for their border and uniform police, giving them better facilities in which to serve their country.

“Building the police headquarters for them to work out of will hopefully increase the number of ANP,” said Master Sgt. Michael Wanner, a quality assurance representative with USACE-AES.

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Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

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