Afghanistan – More success during latest Uruzgan operation

The Afghan National Army and their Australian mentors in Uruzgan continue to maintain pressure on insurgents with the discovery of 39 caches during an 11-day operation known as Operation TIGER’S AVALANCHE.

Operation TIGER’S AVALANCHE, which commenced on Sunday 17 April 2011, aimed to clear insurgents from the Kamisan Valley region of northern Uruzgan.

Commanding Officer Mentoring Task Force – Two Lieutenant Colonel Darren Huxley said the operation was planned by his partners in the Afghan National Army’s 4th Brigade.

“The success of the operation is a great credit to the officers and soldiers of the 2nd Kandak, 4th Brigade, Afghan National Army,” Lieutenant Colonel Huxley said.

“The combined team of Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF partner forces has again surprised the insurgents and struck a blow in an area they had thought themselves safe.”

During the operation, 39 caches were discovered, including more than 2400 rounds of ammunition, 33 rocket-propelled-grenade warheads, 11 grenades, explosives, IED making components, six radios and opium resin.

Over the winter, ISAF partners in Uruzgan have focused operations on limiting the negative influence of insurgents on local communities.

Commander Combined Team – Uruzgan (CT-U) US Army Colonel James Creighton said Operation TIGER’S AVALANCHE was further evidence of the Afghan and ISAF commitment to protect the local population.

“The locals want peace. They have seen how governance and development follows security in other areas and they now want a life without violence,” Colonel Creighton said.

“The current series of deliberate operations throughout the spring has seized the initiative from the insurgency by denying cohesion, resupply and freedom of action, in the lead up to the 2011 fighting season.

„These recent successes have been reinforced with improvements in governance and development across Uruzgan, which has turned the population away from the insurgents as they see an opportunity for a better quality of life through the support of the Afghan Government and its initiatives.”

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