Afghanistan – Insurgents kill Afghans in Uruzgan

Insurgents in the Deh Rawud region targeted and killed three Afghan National Police officers and one civilian in two separate improvised explosive device (IED) attacks on the 7th of August.

An Australian explosive ordnance disposal team from the Mentoring Task Force (MTF) immediately responded by moving to the area to ensure any further danger was removed from the explosion sites. The Australian soldiers were not involved in these incidents in any other way.

This follows an incident last week (5 Aug 10) in which an Afghan child was likely to have been wounded in cross-fire between Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers and insurgents in the Mirabad Valley.

The incident occurred when an ANA convoy was targeted by an IED and small arms fire. The ANA troops, along with others in the area remained in contact with insurgents for approximately 15 minutes after the device detonated.

Australian soldiers undertaking training at a nearby location responded to the incident by moving to an overwatch position near the contact site and engaging a small group of insurgents who were seen moving through the green zone.

A short time after the insurgent attack, an Afghan local brought a young child to a nearby patrol base with a suspected gunshot wound to the arm.

It is not possible to determine whether the child was struck by insurgents or the ANA. There was no evidence to indicate that the child was in the area where Australians engaged the insurgents.

The child and his father were aero-medically evacuated to Multi-National Base – Tarin Kot for follow-on treatment. The child was later released to the civilian hospital in Tarin Kot for observation.

There were no Australian soldiers wounded and no reported injuries to Afghan soldiers following the 5th of August engagement.

Australian mentors are working closely with their ANA partners to enhance their battle discipline and immediate actions following an incident. The development of the ANA through consistent military training, and building discipline and confidence, will lead to a successful transition to an Afghan lead.

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