Afghanistan — Combined Forces Kill, Detain Militants

Amer­i­can Forces Press Ser­vice

KABUL, March 30, 2010 — Afghan and inter­na­tion­al forces killed sev­er­al mil­i­tants and detained numer­ous sus­pect­ed mil­i­tants in recent oper­a­tions, mil­i­tary offi­cials report­ed. No Afghan civil­ians were harmed in the oper­a­tions, offi­cials said.

— An Afghan-inter­na­tion­al secu­ri­ty force detained sev­er­al sus­pect­ed insur­gents for fur­ther ques­tion­ing after search­ing a com­pound in north Kan­da­har city last night.

— In Pak­ti­ka province’s Bermal dis­trict last night, sev­er­al mil­i­tants were killed when they threat­ened a com­bined Afghan-inter­na­tion­al secu­ri­ty team. The com­bined force detained sev­er­al addi­tion­al mil­i­tants and found auto­mat­ic rifles and mul­ti­ple rock­et-pro­pelled grenades at the com­pound.

— In War­dak province’s Sayyid­abad dis­trict last night, an Afghan-inter­na­tion­al force cap­tured a Tal­iban weapons facil­i­ta­tor accused of buy­ing and sell­ing large amounts of weapons, muni­tions and explo­sives for oth­er mil­i­tant net­works. The secu­ri­ty force also detained a few oth­er sus­pect­ed mil­i­tants.

— In Zab­ul province’s Shinkai dis­trict last night, a com­bined force went to a rur­al area where intel­li­gence infor­ma­tion indi­cat­ed mil­i­tant activ­i­ty. Two mil­i­tants engaged the approach­ing force and were killed. Dur­ing a fol­low-on search the com­bined force found radios, an auto­mat­ic rifle, ammu­ni­tion and a rock­et launch­er with mul­ti­ple rounds.

— In Farah province’s She­wan dis­trict yes­ter­day, an Afghan civil­ian turned in two 155 mm rounds and an impro­vised explo­sive device to a secu­ri­ty force.

— On March 28, a com­bined Afghan-inter­na­tion­al force noticed sus­pi­cious move­ments in an unin­hab­it­ed area out­side of Shin­dand in Her­at province and launched an illu­mi­na­tion round. Insur­gents then opened fire on the force, caus­ing no injuries. The secu­ri­ty force returned fire with small arms and mor­tar fire, forc­ing the insur­gents to flee. Upon search­ing the area, the secu­ri­ty force found more than 300 pounds of explo­sives, an 82 mm mor­tar round, four artillery shells, two grenades, three anti-tank rock­ets, a 122 mm anti-tank round and small-arms ammu­ni­tion. The cache was destroyed.

(From an Inter­na­tion­al Secu­ri­ty Assis­tance Force Joint Com­mand news release.)

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