Afghan Soldiers discover large cache of recoilless rifle rounds in Kandalay

ZHARAY DISTRICT, KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Afghan soldiers conducting an independent patrol in Kandalay, in eastern Zharay district, Feb. 11, discovered a large cache of 82mm recoilless rifle rounds hidden in a grape hut, in the same location a previous cache was discovered last year.

Soldiers of 3rd Brigade, 205th Corps, Afghanistan National Army, provide security for a route construction project, Zharay district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan. (Photo by Spc. Jason Nolte)
Source: NATO

Soldiers from the 3rd Kandak of the 3rd Brigade, 205th Afghan Army Corps, went to the cache location after telling their partners from Combined Task Force Spartan’s 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment that they wanted to conduct an independent patrol south of Highway 1. When the patrol had finished their search, they discovered 19 recoilless rifle rounds and a large amount of electrical wiring commonly used by insurgents for improvised explosive devices and launching rockets.

The 82mm recoilless rifle rounds and electrical wiring were transported to Forward Operating Base Pasab for further exploitation.

The Afghan Army had not previously conducted an independent patrol more than 100 meters south of Highway 1, so their willingness to patrol approximately 750 meters south, shows their increasing confidence and professionalism, Johnson said.

„The fact that (the Afghan Army) were so willing to conduct this unilateral patrol so deep, speaks volumes about their confidence levels and ability to handle the responsibility of securing the area,” said Capt. Zach Johnson, the commander of coalition forces in the area. „The Afghan leadership’s desire to conduct joint planning prior to the mission is also a great success, and they have made tremendous progress in this regard, from where they were only a few months ago.

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