Afghan National Police graduated 2,346

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan National Security Forces held ceremonies to officially graduate 2,346 Afghan National Police at training centers throughout Afghanistan, during October.

An Afghan National Police recruit fires his weapon toward the mountain during range training at the Kabul Military Training Center in Kabul, Afghanistan. Weapons training is part of the 14-week basic training course that also includes patrols, driving and literacy training.
Source: U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Holly Roberts
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From the Afghan Uniformed Police training there were 652 graduates, the Afghan Border Police graduated 804, and 900 graduated from advanced or specialty police courses. The ANSF has designed the police training courses to ensure that the ANP continues to grow and become a highly qualified police force. Each police branch has its own training requirements but some requirements such as the 64 hour literacy training are standard throughout all courses. The Afghan National Civil Order Police course is designed to give an entry level police recruit the necessary skills to stay alive and respond to the police needs of the society. The ANCOP training program includes instruction on use of force, human rights, first responder, traffic law, civil disturbance, basic foot patrol, and firearms. Recruits will receive specialized crowd control training and specialized patrol tactics training taught by international police advisors and the U.S. military. The Basic Border Course is designed to provide specific training towards the duties and responsibilities of the ABP. The training consists of courses specific to the Border Police, enabling Border Policeman to better perform in assigned roles at the various Border Check posts, Vehicle Checkpoints, as well as while on foot and vehicle patrol. It will provide introductory training in the different tasks and responsibilities of ABP in a high threat environment. Instruction includes use of force, human rights, checkpoint security, basic first aid, vehicle searches, and radio communications. The goal of the Afghan Uniform Police basic patrolman course is to provide a single, all-inclusive basic training for ANP recruits. This six week course is the base line for all police training and provides an entry-level police recruit with the necessary skills to stay alive and respond to the police needs of the society. This is the first course all police go through. After successful completion they will be eligible to take unit-specific and advanced courses.

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