Afghan led security operation in Uruzgan completes first phase

The Afghan National Army (ANA) continues to expand its security footprint in Uruzgan, successfully completing the first phase of Operation ROSHAN – aimed at allowing basic services to be introduced in the Charmestan region in the east of the province.

Operation ROSHAN is an ANA-planned and led security operation involving the 3 rd Kandak of the 4 th Brigade, with mentoring support from the Australian Mentoring Task Force – Three (MTF-3).

The aim is to disrupt insurgent movement and their ability to conduct operations in the Charmestan region.

Commanding Officer of MTF-3 Lieutenant Colonel Chris Smith said the success of the first phase had set the scene for the Provincial Government’s expansion deeper into the eastern reaches of the Mirabad Valley.

“Uruzgan’s Provincial Governor, Governor Shirzad, said he could not send government workers into the area unless their security could be guaranteed. Our purpose is to mentor the 3 rd Kandak into the Charmestan Valley to help them establish and maintain security in the area,” Lieutenant Colonel Smith said.

“Insurgent action against people associated with the Afghan Government has been holding back local development and the reaction to the 3 rd Kandak and MTF-3 partnered operation had been very positive.

„Just like Australians, locals want access to doctors, schools and decent roads.

„The first step in providing this is to stop insurgents from violently opposing even basic improvements to quality-of-life.”

A new security base will be constructed at the main Charmestan Valley intersection to provide Afghan security forces with a permanent local presence and the ability to maintain security.

“We will continue to work with the ANA by helping to construct the security base and to make sure they have the skills to keep insurgents from returning and attacking civilians, including those providing critical health and medical services,” Lieutenant Colonel Smith said.

Press release
Ministerial Support and Public Affairs,
Department of Defence,
Canberra, Australia

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