Afghan-ISAF Forces Discover Weapons Cache in Uruzgan

KABUL, Afghanistan (June 28) – An Afghan-international security force killed several insurgents, including a Haqqani network improvised explosive device (IED) cell leader, with a precision airstrike while they placed an IED in Khost Province last night.

After international forces confirmed insurgent activity and no civilians were at risk, they called for the airstrike as the cell was emplacing the IED on a main route in Matun district.

Following the airstrike, an Afghan and international ground force went to the site north of Badi Kheyl in Khost district to inspect the area. The security force found multiple IEDs and weapons at the site as well as the IED cell leader, Satar, and several members of his cell killed by the precision strike. Satar and his cell are linked to multiple IED attacks against Afghan and international forces.

Afghan and coalition forces continue to make progress in their on-going efforts to rid the province of the Haqqani network. They captured another Haqqani IED facilitator in the province yesterday, in an area that has seen 13 IEDs detonated or found this year.

In Logar Province last night, an Afghan and international security force captured a Taliban facilitator who actively participated in IED attacks throughout Baraki Barak district. The facilitator is also linked to mortar attacks against Forward Operating Base Shank located approximately ten kilometers from where he was captured.

The security force went to a series of compounds near Akhvond Kheyl in Pul-e ‚Alam district to search the area. Afghan forces used a loudspeaker to call for all individuals to come outside and then cleared the compounds, detaining the facilitator.

No shots were fired and women and children were protected by the combined security force throughout the search.

Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) along with ISAF partners rescued two Afghan National Police officers yesterday, who had been held hostage for almost one week in Ghazni Province yesterday. As the combined force approached the compound where the officers were being held, several insurgents were observed fleeing from the compound. The combined force rescued both officers without firing a shot.

In other operations, ANSF patrols discovered numerous weapons caches. A large cache was found yesterday during a search of a compound in Kandahar.

The cache contained 13 improvised explosive devices, four kilograms of explosive material, five artillery rounds and more than 1,700 rounds of small-arms ammunition.

On Saturday, an ANSF-led combined force conducted a compound search in Khas Uruzgan district of Uruzgan. A weapons cache, which included 190 rocket-propelled grenade boosters; 81 rocket-propelled grenade rounds; 30 cases of machine gun ammunition; 20 hand grenade fuses; 15 hand grenades; 14 82mm recoilless rifle rounds; one machine gun with 10 replacement barrels and one flare gun was seized by the combined force.

In a separate operation Friday in the Panjwa’i district of Kandahar Province, another ANSF-led combined force discovered 227 kilograms of hashish during the search of a compound.

Press release
Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases