Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill, Detain Insurgents

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15, 2010 – Afghan and coalition forces killed and detained several insurgents and found a number of weapons stockpiles in southern Afghanistan today, military officials reported.
Security forces detained a suspected insurgent and found 11,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate – a fertilizer that’s banned by the Afghan government because it can be used to make homemade explosives — in Helmand province. Another patrol nearby came under attack, but managed to kill and detain several insurgents. A search of the insurgents‘ fighting position resulted in 200 rounds of small-arms ammunition, two rocket-propelled grenades, two mortars and an assault rifle.

In Kandahar, Afghan and coalition forces found four pressure-plate bombs, three hand grenades, three land mines, two rocket-propelled grenades with a launcher, two assault rifles and various bomb-making materials.

Also today in Afghanistan, officials from NATO’s International Security Assistance Force confirmed the identity of a terrorist leader killed Dec. 13 in Zabul province’s Shah Joy district. Hakimullah was a Taliban leader responsible for ordering ambush attacks against security forces along Highway 1. He and another insurgent were killed during the operation after shooting assault weapons at the troops.

ISAF officials also confirmed that another insurgent who was captured Dec. 13 in Khost province is a Haqqani terrorist network leader responsible for trafficking and planting roadside bombs. He was detained in the province’s Terazai district.

Afghan and coalition forces responded to a car bombing in Kandahar province today that left three children dead and nine other Afghan civilians injured. Security forces secured the area and evacuated the wounded to ISAF medical facilities.

In operations in Afghanistan yesterday:

— Afghan and coalition forces captured a Haqqani network leader and another suspected insurgent in Khost province’s Sabari district. The Haqqani leader is responsible for trafficking weapons and bomb-making materials to insurgents throughout the district. Tips from local residents led security forces to their location.

— Security forces captured another Haqqani network leader in Khost province’s Khost City. He is responsible for trafficking and housing potential suicide bombers. He also is believed to have participated in attacks this week on coalition and Afghan security forces‘ base camps. Tips from local residents led security forces to his location.

— In Paktia province, Afghan and coalition forces detained a Taliban leader with ties to a recent car bombing on a coalition base camp. Two coalition troops died and four Afghan civilians were injured in the attack. Tips from local residents led security forces to his location.

— Afghan and coalition forces in Kandahar province’s Ghorak district detained a suspected insurgent during an operation to disrupt drug smuggling in the region. The suspect was found hoarding more than 1,700 pounds of opium, which the combined force destroyed.

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

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