20 Years of Coordinated Patrols between Singapore and Indonesia

Chief of Defence Force of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Lieutenant-General (LG) Neo Kian Hong and his counterpart Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian National Defence Forces Admiral (ADM) Agus Suhartono officiated during the 20th anniversary of the Indonesia-Singapore Coordinated Patrol (ISCP) in the Changi Command and Control Centre at Changi Naval Base this morning.

Sea demonstration of ISCP operations conducted by assets and personnel from the RSN, TNI AL, PCG and POLRI.
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The ISCP was established in 1992 to combat sea robberies in the Singapore Strait and Philip Channel, through collaborative efforts by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), the Singapore Police Coast Guard (PCG), the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) and the Indonesian National Police (POLRI). These efforts have resulted in a significant decrease in the number of sea robberies from 27 incidents in 1992 to eight in 2011.

As part of the event, ADM Suhartono and LG Neo witnessed the signing of the revised ISCP Standard Operating Procedures, which is designed to strengthen the cooperation of the various stakeholders against sea robberies. ADM Suhartono, LG Neo and the chiefs of the Singapore and Indonesian navies also presided over the launch of the SURPIC II information sharing portal, an enhanced version of the original SURPIC sea surveillance system which was set up in 2005 to provide a common maritime awareness of the Singapore Strait to the Indonesian and Singapore navies. Thereafter, they observed a demonstration of ISCP operations comprising a simulated cross-border pursuit and interception of sea robbers, conducted by assets and personnel from the RSN, TNI AL, PCG and POLRI.

The 20th anniversary of the ISCP underscores the close and long-standing cooperation between the Singapore and Indonesian navies. Both navies interact regularly in a range of activities that include professional exchanges, exercises such as the biennial Exercise Eagle, as well as collaborations such as the bilateral socio-civic programme Indo-Sin Bhakti Sosial, and the multilateral Malacca Strait Patrols. These interactions have enhanced the interoperability and mutual understanding between the two navies.
MINDEF, Singapore