Serbien — Special Brigade

Spe­cial Brigade
Ser­bian Armed Forces (SAF)

The Spe­cial Brigade is an elite unit of the Ser­bian Armed Forces (SAF) and based in Panceo and Nis. On the 29th Sep­tem­ber 2006 the Spe­cial Brigade was formed by trans­form­ing and merg­ing of the 72nd Spe­cial Brigade, 63rd Para­troop Brigade and parts of the 82nd Marine Cen­ter and “Kobre” Antiter­ror­ist Squad.

Organ­i­sa­tion and struc­ture

A Brigadier Gen­er­al com­mands the fol­low­ing units
Com­mand­ing Bat­tal­ion Antiter­ror­ist Bat­tal­ion
  Trained for secu­ri­ty tasks, actions, and oper­a­tions
Respon­si­ble for the secu­ri­ty of impor­tant per­sons like the Pres­i­dent of Ser­bia.
72nd Recon­nais­sance-Com­man­do Bat­tal­ion 63rd Para­chut­ing Bat­tal­ion
Tasks are recon­nais­sance and demo­li­tion
Head­quar­ters are locat­ed in Pance­vo
Trained for spe­cial, recon­nais­sance and diver­sion­ary oper­a­tions deep behind ene­my lines
Logis­tics com­pa­ny  
Area of respon­si­bil­i­ty: sup­ply, trans­port and main­te­nance  

Field of duties

Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF)

Spe­cial Brigade is a joint tac­ti­cal unit encom­pass­ing recon­nais­sance, antiter­ror­ist, para­chute and div­ing com­po­nents. It is an espe­cial­ly orga­nized unit, equipped and trained for the pur­pose of prepar­ing, orga­niz­ing and con­duct­ing of intel­li­gence-recon­nais­sance, com­man­do, antiter­ror­ist, counter-insur­gency, Psy.Ops. and oth­er Spe­cial Ops in land, aer­i­al and water com­bat the­atre.

Spe­cial Brigade Units con­duct their activ­i­ties in the enemy’s rear, in their own rear and on the front, by imple­ment­ing ver­ti­cal and oth­er forms of maneu­ver­ing.

The field of duties is deter­mined by the Strat­e­gy and the Mil­i­tary Doc­trine of the Repub­lic of Ser­bia, which also includes a joint­ly act­ing with the Ser­bian Police Force Units.

Field of duties in detail:

  • Recon­nais­sance activ­i­ties in the strate­gic, oper­a­tion and tac­ti­cal depth, for the pur­pose of per­form­ing antiter­ror­ist, and coun­ter­ing insur­gency activ­i­ties,

  • Par­tic­i­pa­tion in intel­li­gence and coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence tasks,

  • Resolv­ing hostage sit­u­a­tions,

  • Dis­arm­ing ter­ror­ist, crim­i­nal and armed groups of insur­gents.

  • Block­ing the area and facil­i­ties

  • Sup­press­ing riots

  • Secur­ing top army and state offi­cials,

  • Locat­ing and mark­ing tar­gets for the avi­a­tion activ­i­ties and long-range artillery in the tac­ti­cal and oper­a­tion depth of the ene­my.

  • Res­cu­ing ground­ed pilots and recon­nais­sance-com­man­do groups and indi­vid­u­als in the enemy’s rear,

  • Air­borne Attack and aer­i­al sup­ply­ing

The scope of com­bat train­ing is wide and involves tac­ti­cal, fir­ing and phys­i­cal train­ing of the high­est pro­fes­sion­al risk. In addi­tion to a very demand­ing selec­tive train­ing, which rep­re­sents elim­i­na­to­ry entry cri­te­ri­on for spe­cial brigade, the fol­low­ing tasks are also per­formed in this unit:

  • enabling the mem­bers of the units to use cold weapons, use mar­tial arts, and to use weapons with strong fir­ing capa­bil­i­ties;

  • prac­tic­ing com­plex Spe­cial Ops. tac­ti­cal activ­i­ties;

  • train­ing the mem­bers of the brigade in para­troop­ing, div­ing, climb­ing and res­cue ser­vice activ­i­ties

Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF)
Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) Special Brigade - Serbian Armed Forces (SAF)

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Min­istry of Defence Repub­lic of Ser­bia