Dänemark — Jægerkorpset (Jaegerkorpset)

The Royal Danish Jægerkorpset


Year of foun­da­tion: 1961
Area of oper­a­tions: at home and abroad
Home-base: Aal­borg Air­base

There are sup­pose to be approx­i­mate­ly 70–80 per­sons in this unit.
The Roy­al Dan­ish Hunter Corps is regard­ed as one of the best counter ter­ror­ists units in the world and they exer­cise with oth­er Spe­cial Forces like the Ger­man KSK and the British SAS reg­u­lar­ly. The Hunter Corps is used as well in the mil­i­tary area as in the area for counter ter­ror­ists mea­sures at home.


  • hostage-res­cue 
  • recon­nais­sance
  • Bat­tle against ter­ror in coop­er­a­tion with the Dan­ish author­i­ties (police, bor­der police…)

Till 1982 the train­ing was made by US-Rangers and it is still sim­i­lar. For the admis­sion, the test has to be passed with­in 8 days while “aver­age” sol­diers do the same test with­in 8 weeks. The major part of the train­ing is to instruct the par­tic­i­pants in nav­i­ga­tion and ori­en­ta­tion. Patrols, para­chut­ing, climb­ing and Naval Div­ing are fur­ther sec­tors.


  • Diema­co C7+8
  • Sig Sauer P210 (pis­tol
  • H&K G 53 
  • Diema­co LSW / SFSW 
  • H&K 23 E
  • Bar­rett M‑82 A2 cal .50 
  • H&K 21 E
  • MP 5+SD
  • HK PSG‑1 
  • Anti-tank weapon M/84 
  • Nightvi­sion 

Means of trans­port:
Because the means of trans­port are very lim­it­ed they use the mate­r­i­al of allied nations on many occa­sions.

  • C‑130
  • H‑500 for the with­draw of com­man­dos
  • Ch-47 of the British

Pre­vi­ous mis­sions (so far as known)

  • Afghanistan (Oper­a­tion “Endur­ing Free­dom”) since 2002


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