Dänemark — FrømandsKorpset (Fromandskorpset)

FrømandsKorpset (Fromandskorpset) 


Year of foun­da­tion: 1957
Area of oper­a­tion: world­wide
Home-base: Nykob­ing Själ­land, Den­mark

The Fro­mand­sKo­rpset is the com­bat­ant div­er unit of the Dan­ish Navy. They are com­pa­ra­ble with the Navy Seals. The Fro­mand­sKo­rpset con­sists of approx­i­mate­ly 50 sol­diers.

Safe­guard­ing of the Dan­ish oil/ gas fields

  • Recon­nais­sance
  • Hostage-res­cue
  • Com­bat­ant divers action

Apti­tude test

  • Run­ning test: Min­i­mum 2.8 km in 12 min­utes
  • 70 km march with 10 kg of weight
  • 300 m swim­ming in less than 8 min­utes

A major part of the train­ing is the ori­en­ta­tion and nav­i­ga­tion in for­eign sur­round­ings.


  • MP 5 +S
  • GV M96
  • G 3 (M/75)
  • GV M 95
  • AT‑4 (PVR M98)
  • Carl Gus­tav 84 mm
  • Clay­more anti-per­son­nel mines
  • explo­sives
  • dinghies for accre­tion and patrols
  • spe­cial scubas
  • night vision
  • radio
  • mis­cel­la­neous ordi­nary equip­ment of the Spe­cial Forces

Pre­vi­ous mis­sions (so far as known)

  • Afghanistan (Oper­a­tion “Endur­ing Free­dom”) since 2002

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