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Als Zusammenschluß von interessierten Bürgern und Fachleuten haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt, das Weltgeschehen zu beobachten, zu analysieren und zu kommentieren. Und dies nun schon seit 2001.Wir laden unsere Leser ein, uns auf unserem Weg zu begleiten und aktiv am weiteren Ausbau der Seite teilzunehmen.Gerade die vielfältige Meinungswiedergabe […]

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A very analytical and balanced article on the India–Iran-Israel triangular relationship. Vice Admiral Bharathan has cogently defined the geo-political context with an empirical analysis of the stakes involved for each stakeholder. In effect, whatever path India chooses would be irrelevant in the background of this simmering volcano of visceral distrust […]

Iran And Or Israel: India’s Interests

A very useful article on the employment of UAVs in anti-Naxal operations. In the forested environment of Naxal affected area, the mini and small UAVs will be restricted in operation due to forests and foliage. Pure EO sensors will have severe limitations. IR sensors will be essential. Also foliage penetration […]

UAV/India – Maoist Insurgency and UAVs

The India–Israel Strategic partnership has been of tremendous value to India in terms of Military technology transfers and Intelligence cooperation against Jihadi terrorism. The relationship has been strengthened by the presence of 70,000 Indian Jews in Israel and frequent visits by the youth of Israel who are fascinated by India. […]

India Israel Relations