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     The Army released suicide data today for the month of August. Among active-duty soldiers, there were 19 potential suicides: three have been confirmed as suicides and 16 remain under investigation. For July 2011, the Army reported 22 potential suicides among active-duty soldiers. Since the release of that report, five […]

US Army Releases August Suicide Data

Synopsis President Mahmoud Abbas’ decision to seek United Nations Security Council recognition of Palestinian statehood poses the most serious challenge to US credibility in the Arab and Muslim world. It will also weaken Israel’s strategic links with Turkey, its most important Muslim ally. Commentary THE PALESTINE Authority is preparing to […]

UNSC vote on Palestine State: US Credibility at Stake

NAVY      General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, is being awarded a $1,825,665,914 fixed-price-incentive contract for the construction of Zumwalt-class destroyers DDG 1001 and DDG 1002. These multi-mission surface combatants are the second and third ships of the Zumwalt-class program. The mission of the DDG 1000 destroyer is to […]

USA – US Military contracts for FY11