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TOPICS: Passing of Sergeant Brett Woods; Afghanistan and insurgents; Defence Security Authority. Minister for Defence – Interview with Lyndall Curtis, ABC 24 LYNDAL CURTIS: Stephen Smith, welcome to News 24. STEPHEN SMITH: My pleasure. LYNDAL CURTIS: Does the death of Brett Wood change the Government’s attitude to Afghanistan? You said […]

Australia – Stephen Smith on Afghanistan and insurgents, Defence Security ...

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2011 – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he is determined that the department not fall victim to the mistakes of the past, „where the budget targets were met mostly by taking a percentage off the top of everything, the simplest and most politically expedient approach both […]

Gates: Defense Cuts Must Be Prioritized, Strategic

3091st FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting Brussels, 23 May 2011 The Council adopted the following conclusions: „1. Following its December 2010 Conclusions, the Council reiterates the need to turn the financial crisis and its impact on national defence budgets into an opportunity for greater cooperation in the area of capability development. […]

EU Council conclusions on pooling and sharing of military capabilities

The Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, Warren Snowdon, today announced the Australian Government is funding a new scholarship for an outstanding American professor to work with world-leading scientists from Australia. The new position, the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Advanced Science and Technology, is the result of a partnership between […]

Australia – New scholarship to attract top American researchers in ...

WASHINGTON, May 24, 2011 – Afghan and coalition forces today confirmed the capture of the suspected senior Taliban leader for Afghanistan’s Helmand province and his predecessor during a May 14 operation in the province’s Babaji district. One of the men is accused of being the head of Helmand’s Taliban provincial […]

Officials Confirm Capture of Taliban Leader

AIR FORCE Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems of Redondo Beach, Calif. is being awarded a $427,900,000 contract modification which authorizes Northrop Grumman to perform design and development, including the incorporation of Department of Defense mission assurance and compliance requirements, to modify the National Polar Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System […]

USA – US Military contracts for FY11