JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska – Soldiers of Comanche Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment (Airborne), hide behind some cover before they assault the area below May 12. The Soldiers took part in air assault training where UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters took them into a section of Alaska’s Chugach Range and they were tasked with engaging an opposing force. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Christopher Gross)
Dieser Artikel wird mit freundlicher Genehmigung der „MarineForum – Zeitschrift für maritime Fragen“ veröffentlicht. Klimawandel und Technologie öffnen neue Perspektiven in der Arktis. Dies hat wirtschaftliche wie strategische Implikationen. Falls die ständige Eisdecke des Polarmeers voraussagegerecht bis 2050 weitgehend schwindet, wird der internationale Schiffsverkehr ebenso ansteigen wie die Ausbeutung von […]

US-Arktispolitik – Kann Washington noch aufholen?

'Knud Rasmussen' vor Grönland (Foto: dän. Marine)
Dieser Artikel wird mit freundlicher Genehmigung der „MarineForum – Zeitschrift für maritime Fragen“ veröffentlicht. Dänemark ist das drittgrößte NATO-Land und das zwölftgrößte in der Welt überhaupt, erklärte der dänische Diplomat Peter Taksøe-Jensen bei der Vorstellung seiner umfassenden Untersuchung zu den Herausforderungen für die Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik seines Landes im Mai […]

Mehr dänische Aufmerksamkeit für die Arktis

Viel wird in diesen Tagen nach dem NATO-Gipfel von Chicago über eine Raketenabwehr für NATO-Europa diskutiert, in fast jedem Marineforum seit Oktober letzten Jahres wird darüber berichtet. Aber was genau verbirgt sich hinter dem Begriff, der meist durch den Anglizismus „Ballistic Missile Defence“ (BMD) dargestellt wird?

Europa – Ballistic Missile Defence? – Was ist das eigentlich?

Southeast Asia experienced its own political upheavals well before the Arab revolts. Nevertheless, the wave of popular uprisings that shook the Middle-East and North Africa region goes far beyond the region’s boundaries, and Southeast Asia is no exception to the global crisis of confidence towards governments.

The Arab Revolts and South East Asia: What Impact and ...

Synopsis Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s fight for life during a key stage in his country’s troubled transition, is unlikely to influence the course of events. Egypt’s military rulers are battling it out with the Muslim Brotherhood and proponents of political and economic reforms in a decisive phase of Egypt’s […]

Egypt: Heading for more turbulence

The MEMS (micro-elctro-mechanical systems) revolution, has opened frontiers of scientific developments which will have great significance in national defence and economy; it will usher in a ‘nano-era’ in the 21st century encompassing; nanobiology, nano manufacturing, nanomechanics, nano-electronics, nanomicrology, nanocontrol, nanosurveying and the study of nanomaterial.

China – Chinese Advances in Nano-Technology

Synopsis Saudi Arabia is faced with the succession of its ageing leadership following the death of Crown Prince Nayef at a time that the 89-year old King Abdullah is countering efforts by conservative clerics to employ the Syrian crisis as a vehicle to thwart his minimal reforms and circumvent post-9/11 […]

Syria: Saudi Arabia’s policy conundrum

Kurdistan beat Northern Cyprus this week to win the 5th VIVA world cup but both nations secured a far greater victory than emerging at the top of an obscure soccer tournament designed for often even more obscure national, ethnic and cultural entities.

Miscellaneous – VIVA World Cup: Playing for nationhood

An in-depth analysis of Chinese Airpower in Tibet and what we need to counter this growing threat. There are a total of 14 airfields of concern. However increasing air refuelling capability in future will increase their numbers. PLAAF can deploy around 16 squadrons in these airfields. Lt Gen Liu Yazhou, […]

China/India – PLAAF Against India – Attrition Through Tibet?

A leading human rights group has joined the international trade union movement in using Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup to pressure the energy-rich Gulf state to bring migrant labor conditions in line with international standards and allow for the emergence of independent trade unions that can engage in […]

Qatar – Human Rights Group denounces Qatari exploitation of World ...

Synopsis As popular uprisings and post-revolt transitions change the political, economic and social structures of the Middle East, Kurds, the world’s largest nation without a state of their own, are emerging as the force that could spark a redrawing of borders and rewriting of minority rights in West Asia.

Asia – A sleeping dragon awakes: Kurds Take Centre Stage ...

“Indian elites show little evidence of having thought coherently and systematically about strategy.” – George Tanham One of the manifestations of changing Chinese doctrine is the introduction of a new cliché in the lexicon of Chinese think tanks, namely ‘Grand Periphery Military Strategy’. The Chinese move to expand high speed […]

China’s growing assertiveness: shaping the Indian response

“Since Tibet is not the same as China, it should ultimately be the wishes of the people of Tibet that should prevail and not any legal or constitutional arguments. That, I think, is a valid point. Whether the people of Tibet are strong enough to assert their rights or not […]

Tibet in international law and practice

Synopsis With the London Olympics less than two months away major global sporting events are increasingly proving to be Middle Eastern battlegrounds for human rights rather than an expensive way for countries to boost their prestige and sense of national pride.

Global Sporting Events: Battlegrounds for Human Rights

The question for Qatari sprinter Noor al-Malki is not whether she will be part of the first group of Qatari women to ever compete in a global sports tournament at the 2012 London Olympics but how she will handle the fact that the competition will take place during Ramadan.

Qatar – Qatari Olympic women athletes spotlight Wahhabi schism

Iranian women soccer fans have set their hopes on the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to return them to the terraces after having been banned from stadiums for years to prevent them from looking at men’s bodies.

Iran – AFC puts Iran on the spot on women’s ...

A useful analysis of Israel’s covert offensive against Iran‘s nuclear facilities and its likely consequences in terms of a regional conflict that could close the straits of Hormuz and cause major damage to our energy security and the economy per se. What is worse is that the Israeli covert methodologies […]

Iran/Israel – The Iran-Israel Intelligence War

A war has begun in Iran; a combination of covert action, economic sanctions, political isolation and the threat of military pre-emption have not just crippled the Iranian economy but have checkmated Iran’s war waging potential. The threat of unleashing an asymmetric conflict is more pressure tactics than a credible denial […]

Iran – A War has Begun

India’s strategic interest in maintaining a productive relationship with Iran conflicts with United States’ strategic interest in a regime change there. India’s political and economic interests in Iran are apparent, whether they relate to energy security, easier access to Afghanistan, countering Pakistan-backed Taliban in Afghanistan, profiting from contradictions between Iran […]

Iran – The Iran Dilemma